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Cattle Mesh Fence

Deer Fence Cattle Mesh Fence Cattle Fence
Cattle Fence Post Deer Fence Post Y Post

It also named Field Fence, Hinge Fence, Farm Fence, Horse fence, Cattle Fence, Sheep Wire Fence, Sheep Fence, Stock Fencing, Field Fencing, Hinge Joint Field Fence, Cattle Fencing.
Material: hot-dipped galvanized wire
Diameter of all wires used:
Top /bottom wire dia:2.5mm—3.6mm
Line /stay wire dia area:1.7mm--2.5mm
Hardness Mpa of all wires according to consumer:(700—1400Mpa)
Zinc coating:60—240g/m2
Uprightness wire space:15cm-60cm
High area:50cm-250cm
Length for one rolld:25m-200m

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