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Wall Spikes

Wall Spikes is also named Razor Spike

Type:Large,Middle,Small(Galvanized Wall Spike,Stainless Steel Wall Spike,PVC Coated Wall Spike)
weather resistant and extremely durable.
Plate thickness: 0.8mm - 2.0mm
Barb length: 64mm and 100mm
wall spike strips length 500mm - 2000mm

Metal anti climb spikes new specifications:
Base length - 1.2 – 2 meter,
Spike height - 110-140 mm.,
Base width - 50-65 mm.,
Spikes pitch - 70-90 mm.,
Light brown color,
Galvanized and Powder coated.

1.5m long with 110mm long spikes x 95mm wide

1.52m long with 65mm long spikes x 95mm wide

3m long 180mm wide x 270mm long. Intermediate brackets at 3m centres when vertical and 2m when horizontal

Wall Spikes Razor Spike Security Wall Spikes
SECURITY SPIKES Fence Spikes Fence Spikes

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